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Technologically modified environment – environmentally modified technology

12 – 15 October 2009
Conference Center of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology  


Organizing Institutions:


- National Academy of Sciences (NAS)

- National Academy of Engineering (NAE)

- Institute of Medicine (IoM)

- German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina

   National Academy of Sciences

- Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)


The modification of our environment by technology and the significance of environmental arguments for technological developments have been outstanding issues of the public discussion for a long time. Unfortunately, this discussion focuses frequently on just one of the many aspects involved. Depending on the aspect considered, the conclusions drawn
are quite different and often contradictory. it is the main objective of this joint conference to bring together scientists with different scientifi c backgrounds in order to achieve a well balanced debate of the most relevant issues involved. an attempt will be made, to cover the following groups of topics in this conference.

- The interaction between technology and climate including external effects, e. g. effects of cosmic and/or solar origin. as a result, we shall try to specify the ecological and the technological criteria to be met by designing a sustainable environment.

- The discussion of the existing alternatives for the supply of water and energy in the future. the interdisciplinary character of the questions involved requires well balanced considerations of numerous aspects in order to be able to deduce any kind of recommendation.

- Questions related to the design of cities in the future and the closely related problems of mobility.

- The interaction between developments in the areas of genetics, pharmacy, medicine and future opportunities as well as problems in health care including social and economic factors.



J.i. Boufford (IoM), G. Bugliarello (NAE), M. Clegg (NAS), H. Gleiter (Leopoldina, KIT)